Next Generation Leaders Program

Leadership is best defined by character : the commitment to serving a cause greater than oneself; the commitment to serving those who need it most; the commitment to serving others, even when it is hard. Nothing is more important than leadership, whether in the expansion of human freedom, the relief of human suffering, or the strengthening of national and international security. The McCain Institute is committed to identifying, training, supporting, networking, and fostering the growth of the next generation of global leaders.

In the age of the internet, with unprecedented access to communications and resources, everyone has the opportunity to influence society and make a difference.

Each year, the McCain Institute selects up to 20 emerging leaders to be a part of its Next Generation Leaders Program (NGL). They are individuals from around the world, from every walk of life, who even in their early-to mid-careers have demonstrated extraordinary character, commitment to core human values, and capacity for future leadership. These are professionals who are ready to rise to the next level of leadership and change their world.

Those selected will be offered a unique program that blends professional development, exposure to top level policy makers, formal training in leadership and communications, and they will build reserves of personal capital and support networks that will last a lifetime.

The Leaders undertake professional development within the United States in an area relevant to their future goals and personal experiences. A journalist may receive a placement in a major American paper, a city government executive in a mayor’s office, or a political activist in a freedom-promoting non-governmental organization. Throughout the year, the leaders will convene for a variety of tailored experiences, such as meetings with senior American leaders, formal training programs, community service projects, or shared experience building.

Training in ethics and leadership are a critical component in the program, designed to enable rising leaders to acquire the necessary vision and skills to be successful leaders in their societies. Course readings will be accompanied with a strong emphasis on simulations utilizing a state-of-the-art ASU “Decision Theater” at the McCain Institute.

Participants enter the Next Generation Leaders program with a passion that drives their activity. The McCain Institute’s professional development opportunities, values-based leadership training, and connection with critical support networks help them rise to the next level of global stewardship.