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Kristina Reinsalu

Programme Director, e-Democracy, e-Governance Academy

Kristina Reinsalu helps central and local governments and civil society organizations to understand:

  • How ICT influences the everyday political and societal practices of citizens and society as a whole?
  • How governments should respond to expectations and demands of citizens to act not as clients but as partners?
  • How to make decision-making processes transparent and participative and what is the added value it brings?


As a Programme Director of e-Democracy at the e-Governance Academy, she leads the ideation, planning, implementation, and monitoring of several local, national, and international projects on digital engagement and open governance and how ICT support these processes. Her passion is local democracy, as she sees it as a testbed for democracy innovations. Her most recent projects focus on how to measure the impact of e-participation initiatives and how cities, when engaging citizens become more resilient in facing green deal challenges.   Kristina holds an MA in Public Relations and a PhD in Media and Communications. She is an internationally acknowledged public speaker on digital engagement and her articles have been published in various international scientific journals and newspapers.  Kristina speaks Estonian, English, Spanish, Russian and some German.