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Mohamed Osman

Democracy Programs

Mohamedameen Osman is in his second semester at the Texas A&M Bush School D.C.  He graduated with his undergraduate degree in international and global studies with completed minors in diplomacy, multicultural anthropology, and intelligence & national security from the University of Central Florida.  He also completed a minor in Kurdish studies while in his undergraduate program. His research interests include the Mediterranean, the Romani, and the current Great Power conflict. In his undergrad, he wrote an honors thesis on the relationship between far-right authoritarian parties in Central and Eastern Europe and their connection to the rights of the Romani. Raised in Arabic, Spanish, Riffian, and French cultures, Osman has traveled extensively throughout Western Europe and North Africa in order to immerse himself further in the languages and customs. He plans to focus on the fields of counterintelligence and counterespionage once he graduates from Texas A&M.