This week, the 2016 Next Generation Leaders (NGLs) begin the next phase in building their Leadership Action Plans in America’s largest metropolis, New York city, by examining leadership in practice. From community activism in the inner city to the board rooms of Wall Street, our newest cohort will engage with city, media, business and community leaders, as well as with leaders in diplomacy in the city that is the home of the United Nations. NYPD commissioners and UN ambassadors, along with bankers and youth advocates, will discuss leading in crises as well as “getting to yes” in multilateral diplomacy. In New York, we will put a practical face to the NGL Program themes of values, ethics and leadership.

Engagement with people will be accompanied by encounters with the rich and sometimes tragic history of the city and the American nation. On Ellis Island, we reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the Leadership Action Plan that forged the United States and served as a model for similar Leadership Action Plans around the world. At the September 11 Memorial, we will witness and discuss severe tests to leadership during a national tragedy and the qualities of leaders at all levels who helped a nation overcome adversity.

Through visits to an inner city school on Long Island and an anti-violence community organization in the Bronx, NGLs will also study how successful NGOs develop and execute successful leadership agendas. Practice in navigating traditional and new media and establishing an effective online presence rounds out the New York City experience.

Immediately following the NGL New York City Module this year, we will host the Institute’s inaugural Global Leadership Symposium in Washington. On February 7, we will bring together the successful graduates of all four NGL cohorts since the start of the program four years ago. More information on this important event on our website.

Please follow along on social media @McCainInstitute with #NGLNYC and #LeadNYC throughout the week to learn more about the NGLs and their New York experience.