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Allan Nguyen

Preventing Targeted Violence

Allan Nguyen presently holds the position of Junior Fellow within the Preventing Targeted Violence program at the McCain Institute, affiliated with Arizona State University. In this capacity, Allan is responsible for the curation of informative content disseminated through the Screen Hate Instagram platform, designed to educate and safeguard unsuspecting youth against online hate. He actively engages with organizations and individuals, fostering connections within a network of dedicated practitioners committed to the prevention of targeted violence, terrorism, and their repercussions within the United States.

Before his entry to the McCain Institute as a Junior Fellow, Allan contributed as an outreach intern at the nonprofit organization Our City Forest, headquartered in California. In his leisure time, he channels his creativity into content creation and the pursuit of food blogging.

Allan is currently on the path to acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, specializing in marketing, from the University of California, Riverside.