“One Rock, Three Religions” Film Screening

U.S. Navy Memorial

701 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC

September 21, 2015

9:30 P.M. ET

Event Summary

Quinn Studios and Lookback Productions with The McCain Institute for International Leadership invite you to a screening event of “One Rock, Three Religions” celebrating United Nations International Day of Peace. The event will feature a post-screening discussion with film producer Valentina Castellani-Quinn, director Isaac Hertz and Ambassador Kurt Volker.

5:30 pm: Welcome

6:30 pm: Screening

8:00 pm: Discussion

RSVP: [email protected]

Ambassador Kurt Volker in “One Rock, Three Religions”

“You are nobody if you don’t remember where you come from.” – Father David Neuhaus

Drawing from this powerful statement, “One Rock, Three Religions” explores humanity’s connection to one of the world’s most revered and disputed places, Jerusalem’s Haram
Al Sharif or The Temple Mount.

Jerusalem has been at the center of some of humanity’s most creative and dramatic periods. Today it finds itself again at the crossroads between East and West. The Israel Arab conflict has defied resolution for decades. It has horrified and outraged 
with its cynicism and cruelty. In the light of recent developments, we find the urgency to try to “connect” with the history of this place, the people, their beliefs…to finally find a
 key which can allow people to accept each other.

For more information, visit www.onerockthreereligions.com.

Video: Full Event