Women, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

On November 4, 2013, the McCain Institute for International Leadership co-hosted the panel “Women, Terrorism, and Counterterrorism: Deconstructing Myths, Discussing Realities” with the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown University.

Speakers included Mia Bloom, Professor of Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and Author of Bombshell: Women and Terrorism; Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies and Director of the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University; Jayne Huckerby, Director of Duke University International Human Rights Clinic and author of Gender, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Perspectives; and Jane Holl Lute, President and CEO of the Council on Cyber Security and former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. In addition, Ambassador Melanne Verveer and Cindy McCain provided remarks.