Should the United States be the World’s Policeman?

U.S. Navy Memorial Heritage Center

701 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC

September 10, 2015

9:30 P.M. ET

Event Summary

Challenges to global security and U.S. interests around the world are mounting – from ISIS and a disintegrating Middle East, to an aggressive and authoritarian Russia, to China’s expansionism in the Pacific.

But is it the role of the United States to take on all of these global challenges? Should America be projecting power, supporting international order, and countering opponents like these, because if not, the challenges will only continue to grow? Or should the United States stay focused on rebuilding its economy, and conserving its strength to face only truly existential challenges, rather than risking over-stretch in foreign adventures? In other words, should the United States be the world’s policeman? And if not, who will?

Join @McCainInstitute for a lively debate as leading experts decide if the United States should be the world’s policeman. #MIDebate