Public sector managers face an increasingly complex political and economic environment. With fiscal resources dwindling and public demands rising, managers must use evidence-based research to craft efficient and effective solutions to pressing needs. At the same time, an increasing number of stakeholders, often adept at using technology and social media, are involved in debates over public policy, each seeking to influence policy outcomes. Further, managers must be cognizant of how global economic, political, and social forces are shaping their environment.

Ranked nationally in the top 5% by US News & World Report, the ASU School of Public Affairs is launching an Executive Master of Public Administration degree in an online format. In collaboration with the McCain Institute for International Leadership, this 19-month program also will feature 3-day executive sessions in both Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

Expand Your Professional Network



Who you know can influence your career, but who knows you can have a much greater impact. The Executive MPA Program will enable you to expand the breadth and depth of your professional network. The online curriculum will attract a more geographically diverse pool of applicants, both nationally and internationally. The executive sessions in Phoenix and Washington, D.C. will further enable you to develop deeper relationships with your classmates. Executive MPA students will be selected based on their ability to demonstrate the value they would add to the learning experience of the entire class.

For more information, visit the ASU website.