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Become a McCain Institute National Security & Counterterrorism Fellow

National Security and Counterterrorism

The McCain Institute for International Leadership strives to deliver tangible change in the environment that feeds global extremism and develop relationships with international partners who share our commitment to countering terrorism with all of the tools at our disposal.

Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVE) – emboldened by terrorists located overseas – pose the most immediate threat to the United States and our allies. Presently, we lack sufficient capacity as an international community to respond to this challenge. While it remains the responsibility of the U.S. Government to promulgate a strategy for countering the Homegrown Violent Extremism, there is much that can be done outside of the executive branch to develop the necessary capabilities to make any strategy successful. Areas of focus include:

Developing An International Cadre of Nations to Counter Extremism


  • The executive branch continues to place rhetorical emphasis on countering and preventing violent extremism while still falling far short of what is needed in the areas of training and capacity building. There are too few professionals with the skills and experience needed to carry out counter extremism prevention programming across the United States.
  • The McCain Institute will explore whether and how the CT Program can function as a force multiplier and accelerator for this essential capacity building work inside the United States.
  • A majority of the dialogue between the federal government and local communities on issues related to extremism is burdened by the mutual suspicion that is often attendant to conversations between law enforcement and intelligence professionals on the one hand, and community leaders on the other.
  • The McCain Institute will explore how the CT Program can shoulder some of the information-sharing and community engagement burden currently borne by DHS and the FBI by serving as a non-governmental source of information and expertise to communities on the HVE problem.


Building a Community of Young Counterterrorism Professionals


  • The McCain Institute works to develop and maintain an enduring global community of CT experts, professionals and future leadersThe ultimate objective of this program is to create the core of a next generation CT leadership cadre.
  • Individuals selected to participate in this program develop deeper subject matter expertise through exposure to the work of their colleagues, form close professional relationships with colleagues from partner nations, and are afforded the opportunity to pursue formal leadership and management training.
  • The Institute pursues partner relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations.




Are you a policy-minded college student looking to intern this Spring in Washington, D.C.? Apply to be part of the McCain Institute’s Spring 2020 class of interns: https://t.co/4YLRQSBxGe

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