Leadership Innovators Program

The Leadership Innovators Program (LIP) is a condensed version of the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University’s leadership training curriculum, built on modules developed for the year-long Next Generation Leaders Program.


Contrasting their varying levels of democracy, Ambassador @kvolker analyzes India's and China's political systems, writing "it is ultimately the way in which people relate to government that defines the difference between the Chinese and Indian models".

“Europe protected the legitimacy of its parliamentary elections and showed some effective ways the U.S. and other nations can protect their own.”

Next Generation Leader @LiisaPast breaks down what the EU did right on protecting its recent election. https://t.co/ww9THaiSXB

Interested in reporting on a presidential campaign, Capitol Hill, and the White House? NBC’s @KellyO sat down with McCain ’08 campaign manager Rick Davis on #InTheArena to discuss her experiences doing all of this and more. Give it a listen here: https://t.co/RMMGGYMLyR

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