Leadership Innovators Program

The Leadership Innovators Program (LIP) is a condensed version of the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University’s leadership training curriculum, built on modules developed for the year-long Next Generation Leaders Program.


The McCain Institute is proud to sponsor the 2019 @WIFLE Annual Leadership Training. Congratulations to the well-deserving agents and prosecutors who received awards for their outstanding efforts to combat #humantrafficking!

LIVE - @SallyPainter1 moderates 'Transatlantic Cooperation in an Era of Great Power Competition' with Council President @FredKempe, @ACFutureEurope Director @benjaminhaddad, and @McCainInstitute's @SpecRepUkraine. #StrongerwithAllies
Tune in here → https://t.co/qXiKJV3Ebf

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