26 September 2008

I looked into his eyes and saw three letters: a ‘K’, a ‘G’, and a ‘B’.

13 February 2017

Don’t surrender the gains for our security and the progress for humanity that our Cold War victory achieved. Support the Russian people and their rights to liberty and justice, not the corrupt leaders who betray them… [A]ll who risk their lives to free Russia from tyranny and corruption are our allies. They are our moral […]

17 April 2018

We must fight Vladimir Putin as determinedly as he fights us. We will stop him when we stop letting our partisan and personal interests expose our national security interests, even the integrity of our democracy and the rule of law, to his predation. We will stop him when we start believing in ourselves again and […]

17 April 2018

Vladimir Putin is an evil man, and he is intent on evil deeds, which include the destruction of the liberal world order that the United States has led and that has brought more stability, prosperity and freedom to humankind than has ever existed in history. He is exploiting the openness of our society and the […]

31, December 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia

I believe that we must continue to improve our relations and to understand that Vladimir Putin – unless we stand up to him – will continue his aggression and we must stand up to Vladimir Putin

26 March 2008, Los Angeles

Rather than tolerate Russia’s nuclear blackmail or cyber attacks, Western nations should make clear that the solidarity of NATO, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, is indivisible and that the organization’s doors remain open to all democracies committed to the defense of freedom.