The Leadership Innovators Program, formerly known as Next Generation Professionals, is a condensed version of the McCain Institute’s leadership training curriculum, built on modules developed for the year-long Next Generation Leaders Program. At the program’s core is the McCain family vision of character-driven leadership that envelops all of the Institute’s efforts: leadership, humanitarian action, human rights and national security.

The LIP program is a two-week training session conducted in an active learning environment, which takes advantage of a strong emphasis on visual enhancements utilizing the Institute’s state-of-the-art Decision Theater technology. Led by the Institute’s senior staff, the training modules center on values, ethics and leadership. Participants also receive functional training in specific professional areas such as politics, diplomacy, civil society activism, media freedom, human rights and free markets. LIPs undergo a variety of hands-on training exercises during the program, such as understanding how to communicate effectively in interviews, speeches and on social media, or how to craft a strong “elevator” pitch.

While in Washington, program participants interact with senior government and private sector professionals and top decision-makers in public and private life. In turn, they also have the opportunity to share their own experiences and perspectives on their professional pursuits in their home environments. The program relies heavily on the model of “training the trainer” in order to have the greatest impact beyond the immediate field of participants.

A key aspect of each program is a tailored partnership with an organization that provides profession-specific training. LIP participants prepare for strategy and action upon completion of the experience as they become better informed and better prepared leaders in their respective fields.