The Leadership Innovators (L.I.) program, formerly known as Next Generation Professionals, is a highly customizable version of the McCain Institute’s core leadership training pillars of values, ethics and character-driven leadership. L.I. programs condense the year-long training curriculum of the Next Generation Leaders Program, adapting it to the context of each group of participants. At the core of each L.I. program is the McCain family vision of character-driven leadership that envelops all of the Institute’s efforts: leadership, humanitarian action, human rights and national security.

Each L.I. program is designed to meet the unique needs of its specific participants. L.I. programs can be as short as a half-day or as long as several weeks. No matter the length of the program, training sessions are conducted in an active learning environment. Led by the Institute’s senior staff, L.I. programs take advantage of the Institute’s state-of-the-art Decision Theater technology and key location in the heart of Washington, D.C. Program participants interact with senior government and private sector professionals and top decision-makers in public and private life. In turn, participants also have the opportunity to share their own experiences and perspectives on their professional pursuits in their home environments.

Many L.I. programs involve tailored partnership with organizations that provide profession-specific training. Participants can receive functional, hands-on training in specific professional areas such as politics, diplomacy, civil society activism, media freedom, human rights and free markets. As L.I. participants grow in their understanding of what it means to be an ethical, character-driven leader, they also can grow in tangible professional skills that help them to become better informed and better prepared leaders in their respective fields.

Past examples of L.I. programs include leadership lessons on the Monuments Walk along the U.S. National Mall, political leadership training for women running for office in the DRC, leadership and legal training for Pakistani lawyers, leadership takeaways from the U.S.-Mexico border with migration policy experts from Hungary and leadership day trips to Gettysburg National Battlefield with ASU undergraduate students. Please inquire below if you are interested in developing your own customized L.I. program.