World leaders frequently encounter serious challenges that test them professionally and ethically. The lessons learned from meeting these challenges provide important learning opportunities for a new generation of global leaders. The McCain Institute regularly invites senior world leaders to share their experiences in a constantly evolving conversation on the importance of leadership.

The McCain Institute for International Leadership launched its Leadership Voices series to provide a forum for seasoned leaders to share their experiences and insights with the next generation of policy makers. Contributors offer personal insights into their thoughts and actions during moments of critical decision-making. Interviewed by members of The McCain Institute team, participants explore the personal values and moral principles that influenced them, and informed their most important decisions.

Leadership Voices is a venue for practitioners to interact with and inspire students of leadership, such as The McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program participants, and young professionals in Washington and in Arizona. The unique value of the Leadership Voices series is a better understanding of the diversity of approaches to ethical and responsible leadership, all with the aim of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Leadership Voices is a part of The McCain Institute’s focus on character-driven leadership, and its commitment to provide unparalleled leadership growth opportunities for participants.

Since its establishment in early 2013, Leadership Voices has hosted an impressive cohort of policy practitioners who have shared their unique experiences with our audiences. In the future, we will welcome additional foreign dignitaries as well as American leaders to learn from their insights into the challenges and responsibilities of leadership. Please check our website for upcoming opportunities to join us at our next Leadership Voices session. For more information and inquires on partnering with us, please contact Liz Fontaine at [email protected]