McCain Institute Acting Executive Director Nick Rasmussen led the Institute’s delegation to the 2019 Doha Forum as part of an ongoing partnership agreement signed earlier this year. Besides engaging heavily in the intense two days of sessions, Rasmussen and the Institute’s delegation delivered the principal U.S. foreign policy panel discussion held at this year’s Forum. The expert panel of top practitioners tackled key questions:

What are the merits and necessity of American global leadership in a multipolar world?

How is the rest of the world reacting to changes in U.S. leadership?

Why does such leadership still matter today?

The McCain Institute’s delegation included Rasmussen; Tom Bossert, former top security advisor to President Trump; Amy Pope, former top security advisor to President Obama; Leah West, McCain Institute national security fellow; Johannah Lowin, the Institute’s national security and counterterrorism program coordinator; and Luke Knittig, the Institute’s senior director of communications.

The Institute’s Doha Forum panel on U.S. Global Leadership in 2020 and Beyond included Rasmussen, Bossert and Pope, plus former New Mexico Governor and U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson.

You can watch the panel in its entirety below.

The Doha Forum, established in 2010, is a global platform for dialogue, bringing thousands of top leaders together annually to build innovative and action-driven networks for better policy making and implementation. The theme of this year’s conference was “Reimagining Governance in a Multipolar World.”  Plenary and parallel sessions addressed:

  • Trends and Technology
  • Trade and Investment
  • Human Capital and Inequality
  • Security, Cybergovernance, and Defense
  • International Organizations, Civil Society, and Non-State Actors
  • Culture and Identity

The McCain Institute’s partnership, signed with Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a non-financial basis in October 2019, establishes the Institute as a content partner for the Doha Forum and paves the way for other co-organized events and publications.