C5 Capital, a specialist venture capital firm, recognized the McCain Institute with the distinction of Most Impactful Program during its annual Shield in the Cloud global-corruption innovation challenge.

Senator John McCain devoted much of his time in the United States Senate to fighting corruption, both within the country and internationally, and co-authored the Magnitsky Act, a bipartisan bill that drastically altered United States sanctions and punishes corrupt politicians around the world.

Since its inception, the McCain Institute has worked tirelessly to advance the anti-corruption agenda laid out by Senator McCain. This includes work on countering Russian disinformation campaigns in Eastern Europe, supporting human rights defenders around the world and training our Next Generation Leaders to be a force for good in their home countries and communities.

Ambassador Michael Polt received the award on behalf of the McCain Institute. Ambassador Polt, who leads the Next Generation Leaders program, said, “The McCain name stands for serving a greater cause; a commitment to act on values that represent the best of America.  At the McCain Institute we ask ourselves the ‘so what’ question every day.  The answer must always be that we are having an impact in creating positive change.”

Recipients of the Shield in the Cloud Awards were selected by an internationally recognized board of judges with a mix of legal, technical and entrepreneurial backgrounds.