We take the opportunity of this World Refugee Day to challenge ourselves and our fellow citizens to remember the plight of the most vulnerable amongst us —and do whatever we can to break the cycle of vulnerability, exploitation and suffering they face.   Mrs. Cindy McCain


In marking World Refugee Day this year, the McCain Institute recognizes the plight of displaced people —now estimated at around 80 million— and the sad fact that their fate is as dire as it has ever been. Men, women and children in nearly every corner of the world displaced by conflict, oppression and hunger face an uncertain future.

The McCain Institute pledges to continue working to help find answers to the challenges facing asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced people.  A number of our Next Generation Leaders have this as the focus of their action plans in the field.  And our Combatting Human Trafficking program is working to identify and address the nexus between human trafficking and exploitation of refugees and internally displaced people by using a multi-sector approach, both at home and abroad.

Our Human Rights and Democracy program, together with a high-level working group of experts, policy makers and stakeholders, recently issued a set of recommendations for the U.S. administration, Congress and the 2020 presidential candidates for addressing the ever-growing global refugee crisis. We continue to engage young leaders around the globe who are not only idealistic, but dedicated to using their time and talents to make the future a little brighter for the displaced and the persecuted.

But we know there is so much more to do.