WASHINGTON, DC— This week, the McCain Institute announced the next installment of its popular Debate and Decision Series. At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, at the US Navy Memorial Auditorium and via livestream, “Are College Campuses Eroding Free Speech?” will chart how free speech is faring on college campuses while exploring the future of the First Amendment. The debate, with Ambassador Kurt Volker as moderator, features Reason Magazine Associate Editor Robby Soave and FIRE’s Vice President of Policy Research Samantha Harris squaring off against Executive Director of the First Amendment Center Lata Nott and Director of The Free Speech Project at Georgetown University Sanford Ungar.

The McCain Institute’s Debate and Decision Series prides itself on not just being another Washington panel discussion and is styled more as an old-school team versus team debate, complete with popcorn and refreshments for the audience. The debate will also be exclusively livestreamed on the McCain Institute website. To learn more about the debate or to register to attend, click here or visit www.McCainInstitute.org.

“The goal of this series remains to present both sides of a vital issue, aimed at serious-minded solutions rooted in action, leadership, character and courage,” said Amb. Volker, who serves as executive director of the McCain Institute. “Debating and advancing the basic human right of free speech as manifested in higher education is one predicate for better humanitarian outcomes at home and abroad.”