The most important factor in decision-making and bringing about long-term change is the quality of leaders in place who make those decisions. The McCain Institute is committed to identifying, training, supporting, networking, and fostering growth within the next generation of global leaders. Building strong, character-driven leadership within the anti-human trafficking field, especially within communities most vulnerable to being trafficked, is a vital part of ending this monstrous practice.

Through the Next Generation Leaders program, the McCain Institute selects up to 20 emerging leaders, each year. They are individuals from around the world, from every walk of life, who even in their early-to mid-careers have demonstrated extraordinary character, commitment to core human values, and capacity for future leadership.

Participants are nominated by current leaders and experts from around the world. Those selected are offered a unique program that blends professional development, exposure to top-level policy makers, formal training in leadership and communications, and building reserves of personal capital and support networks that will last a lifetime. International participants come to the United States for up to one year and American candidates will have the chance to gain new experiences in a part of the United States away from their home environment.

The Institute aims to include one Counter-Human Trafficking Fellow, each year, from countries most susceptible to trafficking. Each fellow will be placed in an anti-trafficking organization to learn about how the United States is working to fight trafficking, with the intent of taking these lessons learned back to his or her home community. We hope to:

  • • Provide an exceptional and distinct program for professionally developed character-driven leaders.
  • • Empower the Next Generation Leaders to focus and shape their work to return home and make significant contributions in the counter-human trafficking space.
  • • Help our Next Generation Leaders create a strong international network to support their counter-trafficking work.