Washington Post Foreign Policy Columnist and CNN Political Analyst Josh Rogin joined Ambassador Mark Green to discuss his new book, “Chaos Under Heaven: America, China and the Battle for the 21st Century,” in the latest installment of the McCain Institute’s Authors & Insights Book Talk Series. As one of America’s preeminent foreign policy journalists, Rogin has covered the U.S.-China relationship from both sides of the Pacific and uses that experience to take a deep look at the past and future of this critical great power relationship.

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Episode Highlights

On China’s “Vaccine Diplomacy”

“In other words, [the CCP] putting their political interests above their strategic interest and above the health and welfare of billions of human beings tells you all you need to know about what’s going on inside the top leadership of the CCP. I think that’s like a long way of saying that, you know, the coronavirus pandemic brought to the fore, a lot of the problems that a lot of people were already having with the Chinese government’s behavior outside of its borders, and it forced people in every country to confront those problems in a way – in a new way – but more than that, it turned people in democracies, especially in democracies against the Chinese leadership forcing their leadership in democracies to respond to that.”

CCP vs. American Values

“We have to speak clearly and be clear eyed about the Chinese Communist Party’s assault on those values, and assault on those interests, and then join with like-minded countries to come up with a comprehensive response.”