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Laura Rwiliriza


Laura Rwiliriza currently works as a Content and Communication Specialist in the East African region. Her underlining passion as a Communications Expert lies in being one of the few that will be brave enough in shaping the African narrative as the Continent propels into a bold, innovative, and adventurous future. Over the years, she has been fortunate enough to travel, network, and experience high variety and velocity in her work within different facets of the communications industry. This exposure has contributed to an overwhelming need to bust the dystopian bubble that surrounds life as an African. It is a journey unwittingly embarked on, but one she hopes will continue to develop through the power and reach of her accumulated skillsets. Laura continually works within the East Africa region in a strong effort to elevate the African narrative, especially regarding women, children, and developmental issues in the hopes her work will contribute to the ongoing fight against poverty and the promotion of sustainable development. Laura is very passionate about empowering the underrepresented. Her strengths are relationship-building and influencing, in addition to being innovative and creative.