The State of Arizona

Pictured above: The Governor of Arizona and the Arizona Human Trafficking Council Partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to Auction a Truck to Fund the Fight Against Trafficking


Arizona—under the leadership of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council—continues to be a nationwide leader in combating human trafficking.

In December 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order empowering the council to keep up its successful work.  And, with the passage of meaningful legislation in House Bill 2553, we have been able to strengthen our laws, go after the criminals responsible for these crimes, and help victims recover.

Thanks to the unparalleled efforts of co-chairs Cindy McCain and Gil Orrantia and all of the council’s members, Arizona is successfully working to prevent sex trafficking in our state.

Governor Ducey supports all efforts to pursue justice for victims of human trafficking, whether those efforts are in a civil proceeding or in a criminal proceeding. This includes legal efforts pursued by victims themselves and by organizations and entities that provide services to victims of human trafficking.


  • Governor Ducey—who had the honor of serving as a member of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council prior to becoming governor—knows firsthand the hard work and dedication of this council.
  • The council was established in 2014 to:
    • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated victims’ service plan;
    • Evaluate and report to the governor statewide data on human trafficking;
    • Promote greater collaboration with law enforcement, state agencies and the community-at-large; and
    • Raise public awareness about victims’ services, restitution and prevention.

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