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Josh David

Australian Federal Police

Josh commenced employment with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as a policy officer, providing strategic advice and briefs on a range of issues relating to law enforcement and national security. Josh later transitioned to a sworn police officer role where he worked in Community Policing and Major Crime with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Police, and was awarded his Detective designation. Josh later transferred to AFP National Investigations, where as a Federal Agent, he worked on national security investigations in the Counter Terrorism and Special Investigations Command. He has led numerous operations in counter-terrorism, espionage and foreign interference and other sensitive investigations.

Josh has extensive experience working in multi-agency task forces, such as the Counter Terrorism National Disruption Group, which targeted terrorist networks, enablers and supporters of terrorist actors. Josh recognises and highly values partnerships and avidly purses innovative inter-agency initiatives to successfully amply national security operational outcomes. In-between his investigative work, Josh served as the Staff Officer to the AFP Commissioner, performing a strategic support function for the Commissioner and his Office. In Josh’s current role, he is responsible for uplifting and enhancing capability within Special Investigations Command to operate more effectively in the national security environment. Josh has a Bachelor of International Studies and a Master of National Security Policy.