As part of the Next Generation Leaders Program, the Catalyst Grant supports and encourages top achievement in the implementation of an NGL’s Leadership Action Plan. Catalyst Grants are annual monetary awards of up to $10,000. Awarded funds go toward further enhancing character-driven leadership and impact in the NGL’s home environment.

2018 Winners

Eman El-Abd, Egypt

Eman El-Abd, a member of the 2016 cohort, works on the development of micro, small and medium enterprises in Egypt, with an emphasis on female entrepreneurship. El-Abd will use her Catalyst Grant to establish micro tailored enterprises for women and provide necessary training programs to encourage entering or returning to the formal job market.

Leon Hernandez, Venezuela

Leon Hernandez, a member of the 2016 cohort, is the founder of Por Nuestra Tierra Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is developing “Por Nuestra Tierra TV” (For Our Land TV), the first streaming channel of public service to Venezuelans. Hernandez will use his Catalyst Grant to accelerate the production of news content and facilitate new partnerships with other media organizations advocating for democratic values in Venezuela.


Peter Klotz, Hungary

Peter Klotz, a member of the 2015 cohort, is an experienced lawyer and anti-corruption expert from Hungary. Klotz will use his Catalyst Grant to bolster both an online and on-the-ground presence of the Integrity Network Association through organizing and supporting events and the development of the web-page in both Hungarian and English.

Mira Koroma, Sierra Leone

Mira Koroma, a member of the 2016 cohort and a senior police officer in her country, is the founder of the Next Generation Reformers-Sierra Leone, a nonprofit organization focused on training, mentoring and empowering youth to combat corruption in Sierra Leone. Koroma will use the Catalyst Grant to construct a Recreational and Empowerment Center for the youth of Sierra Leone.

2017 Winners

Giorgi Akhmeteli, Georgia

Giorgi Akhmeteli, a member of the 2013 cohort, is the founder and chairman of the Georgian NGO, Accessible Environment for Everyone, an organization that advocates the interests of persons with disabilities. Akhmeteli uses a wheelchair due to a spinal trauma, and through his Leadership Action Plan, he works with the Georgian Parliament on healthcare, rehabilitation and habilitation issues within the disabled, Georgian community. Akhmeteli used his Catalyst Grant to implement short-term awareness interventions and raise awareness for individuals with disabilities through seminars and personal development lectures.

Urmo Kübar, Estonia

Urmo Kübar, a member of the 2014 cohort and Civil Society Advisor to the President of Estonia, is an experienced civil society leader in Estonia. He is dedicated to promoting more civic activism and social action, building a supportive environment for civil society organizations and strengthening their capacity. His Leadership Action Plan was to establish a venture philanthropy foundation in Estonia to support non-profit organizations that make a difference in people’s lives. Kübar used his Catalyst Grant to launch a new online resource promoting philanthropic education to share important knowledge about the state of charitable giving in Estonia through data driven analysis.

Karambu Ringera, Kenya

Karambu Ringera, a member of the 2015 cohort, is the founder and president of International Peace Initiatives, an NGO that aims to create models of sustainable development and peace in Kenya. By implementing her Leadership Action Plan, she is building an advocacy agency for citizens and developing a leadership-training program to educate and train current and future leaders. Her work has received national attention in Kenya and has directly impacted 1,000 people. Dr. Ringera used her Catalyst Grant to provide material and leadership support to future New Generation Leaders around the world.

2016 Winner

Carlos Mayorga, Colombia

Carlos Mayorga, a member of he 2013 cohort, is a businessman and entrepreneur. He has made substantial and consistent progress in enhancing employment opportunities in Colombia since returning home in September 2014. He created two companies, Global Blue Hydros and Astex Colombia, to provide entrepreneurial training and English language training to the Colombian workforce to promote job competitiveness and reduce the unemployment rate.

“My mission as a business leader is focused on implementing disruptive ideas to change people’s lives. I would like to thank the staff at the McCain Institute for their trust, guidance and support. The Catalyst Grant encourages my leadership mission and I am fortunate to be the beneficiary of this wonderful recognition.”

— Carlos Mayorga, Next Generation Leader, Colombia