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Convening character-driven leaders for real-world solutions

The Sedona Forum is the McCain Institute’s annual, high-level gathering of national and international leaders held each spring in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona. Rooted in a commitment to character-driven leadership and core democratic values, the Sedona Forum convenes thought leaders, decision-makers, activists, humanitarians, and diverse experts to discuss approaches and solutions to real-world problems.

The Sedona Forum was special to Senator John McCain, more so than any other event. The Sedona Forum stands for the power and potential of coming together despite differences and striving for a world that is safer, more prosperous, and where freedom and rights are enjoyed by all. As we face today’s urgent and complex challenges head on, we honor the Senator’s legacy by continuing to champion the ideas and causes to which he dedicated his life to serving.

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Courage & Leadership Award

The McCain Institute’s Courage & Leadership Award is presented each year to honor an individual who has stood unwaveringly for fundamental values and has inspired the world through acts of selfless courage. By recognizing this service to humankind, the McCain Institute hopes to nurture the courage in each of us to stand for what we know is right. The recipient is selected based on his or her acts of personal courage on behalf of human rights, humanitarian compassion, justice, freedom, and human dignity.

In the Arena

The In The Arena Award is not for the critic, but for the doer of deeds. Senator John McCain proudly modeled and espoused the philosophy set forth in Teddy Roosevelt’s famous 1910 “Man in the Arena” speech praising those who have the courage and determination to get In The Arena and fight for a cause, rather than critiquing from the sidelines. This award is given to salute extraordinary, character-driven leaders who conspicuously and bravely fight to defend human rights, foster security and advance freedom through action.

2023 Highlights

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