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Ukraine Working Group

There was no U.S. statesman who advocated for Ukraine more than John McCain. He correctly cautioned the West about Vladimir Putin’s territorial aspirations, and we are driven by his legacy in standing behind the Ukrainians who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

The United States and its allies must provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment to oust Russian forces from its territory and protect its civilians. If the United States does not provide the funding, equipment, training, and intelligence, necessary for Ukraine to defend itself, Russia and adversarial forces around the world will be emboldened to violate international law and put more lives at risk. Russian victory will leave Georgia, Moldova, and NATO’s eastern flank at risk of Russian military intervention.

The McCain Institute proudly works with civil society groups to develop and implement strategies across its network to build support for Ukraine among congressional and administration leaders. Calling upon its wide network of leaders, the group works with both parties to ensure the government supports common-sense solutions and that the protection of Ukrainian independence and democracy remains a firmly bipartisan priority.