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Dr. Matthew DeMichele headshot photo

Dr. Matthew DeMichele

Matthew DeMichele performs research within our Center for Courts and Corrections Research, using quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate complex problems facing criminal justice systems within the United States and abroad. His research interests include criminology, corrections, risk assessment, program evaluation, and terrorism/extremism. He conducts research for local, state, and federal governments as well as work for private foundations.

Dr. DeMichele is leading several projects related to inmate reentry, employment services for the justice involved, risk assessment validation, and a multi-site evaluation of a large criminal justice systems reform. He is also leading a project to understand the pathways into and out of extremist groups with the focus of identifying policy gaps that could be used to develop prevention and intervention strategies. DeMichele has published numerous government reports, policy essays, technical and training materials, as well several peer-reviewed publications that have appeared in Crime and Delinquency, Criminology and Public Policy, and the American Sociological Review.