Combating Human Trafficking: Evaluating the Roles of Government and Civil Society

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

214 Massachusetts Ave NE

Washington, DC

March 3, 2015

5:00 P.M. ET

Event Summary

Sex trafficking, labor trafficking, debt bondage, and other severe forms of human trafficking are estimated to affect more than 35 million men, women, and children worldwide. While the U.S. government has led the global fight against human trafficking over the past decade, Washington could do more to focus foreign policy attention and resources on this widespread problem. But governments alone cannot tackle human trafficking. Without the cooperation and coordinated efforts of non-governmental organizations, multi-national corporations, and civil society, human trafficking will continue to flourish. The Heritage Foundation in partnership with the McCain Institute was pleased to host a discussion on the future of combating human trafficking abroad. During the event, The Heritage Foundation launched a new report on combating human trafficking in Asia.

Read the full report released by The Heritage Foundation: “Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Requires U.S. Leadership” here:

Video: Full Event