On January 1, we normally make a New Year’s resolution around our own self-improvement. And, if you are like most of us, by January 10, your resolution has been blown!

This year, let’s resolve to improve both ourselves and our country. Let’s turn the Maverick pledge into action.

This is the year we stand up to bullies. This is the year we take a stand for truth, champion unpopular ideas and defend the dignity of all people. This is the year that we courageously challenge the status quo and work in service of a cause greater than ourselves.

Small actions add up. Here are a few examples of things you can do to get in the arena:

We know that one person isn’t going to change the nation in a month, but we also know that thousands of Mavericks making incremental changes will begin to make an impact.

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2019. Let’s all be Mavericks and resolve to make it count. If you haven’t done so already, sign the Mavericks pledge!