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McCain Institute Stands With Our Partners at World Central Kitchen

The McCain Institute has been monitoring the tragic and growing humanitarian situation that has developed in Gaza over the last six months. Yesterday’s attack on a World Central Kitchen convoy underscores the challenges and threats posed to those delivering vital humanitarian aid to the over 1 million civilians in need of life-saving assistance throughout Gaza.

The McCain Institute grieves with our partners at World Central Kitchen over the needless deaths of seven humanitarians and calls on the international community to expand efforts to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of vital aid in conflict zones.

“World Central Kitchen plays a vital role around the world, delivering food to those who need it most. Today we mourn the unnecessary loss of innocent life and offer our deepest condolences to our friends at World Central Kitchen and the families of those killed,” said Dr. Evelyn N. Farkas, executive director of the McCain Institute. “We also echo the call that Jose Andres made for humanitarian workers and civilians to be protected in Gaza. The global community must advocate for and implement safe passage for aid to limit the effects of growing artificial starvation. The Israeli government must ensure the basic needs of civilians are met as it prosecutes its military operation against the Hamas terrorists.

“The McCain Institute calls on the international community, and all parties to the conflict to do more to protect innocent life, to create the conditions for a ceasefire and release of Israel hostages held by Hamas and to pave the way for a diplomatic resolution of the current conflict. The U.S. government must continue to advocate for what is best for the state of Israel, its people, and the innocent civilians in Gaza. We defend the right of Israel to go into Gaza and take out the Hamas fighters, but it needs to be done in a way that is militarily more precise.”

The McCain Institute has worked hand-in-hand with World Central Kitchen to advocate for greater access to humanitarian assistance in conflict zones and to deliver food aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

“Our team at the McCain Institute and members of our McCain Global Leaders program have been fortunate to work with World Central Kitchen in the field, teaming up with their operations in Poland to deliver assistance to Ukrainian refugees alongside one of the World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza,” said Scott Nemeth, assistant director of leadership programs, “We have seen first-hand the incredible dedication of World Central Kitchen staff and volunteers to create positive impact not only Ukraine, but in many places around the world. They do this at considerable risk to their own safety. We stand with World Central Kitchen and all humanitarian workers during this tragic time.”

Publish Date
April 2, 2024