The McCain Institute seeks nominations and applications for its next class of Next Generation Leaders, an intensive, nine-month global professional development and training program rooted in ethics, values and character-driven leadership.

A Next Generation Leader is a mid-level professional who is a leader in his/her respective field and looks to play an even more significant role in his/her society’s future. Current and past Next Generation Leaders come from all walks of life: journalists, judges, business executives, passionate advocates, non-profit founders, activists and more. But together, Next Generation Leaders are shaping the world we will inhabit in the future.

Apply or nominate someone today!

Applications are open until February 7, 2020.
The program runs from September 2020 – May 2021.

Below are the target countries and sectors for the 2021 program. The Institute also welcomes applicants from any geographic region or sector who exemplify extraordinary character and leadership promise.

Target countries:
Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Bangladesh, China, Japan, South Korea, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, The United Kingdom

Target sectors:
Political Leadership, National Security, Countering Extremism, Public Health, E-Governance, Freedom of the Press, Climate Change, Migration Issues, Anti-Human and Labor Trafficking, Anti-Corruption

To date, the McCain Institute has trained more than 70 people from 51 countries across five continents as part of this innovative program.

The 51 countries that the Institute has worked with since 2013 are highlighted in copper.

The McCain Institute is committed to promoting character-driven leadership around the globe, upholding freedom, democracy and human rights as universal human values; supporting humanitarian goals; maintaining a strong, smart national defense; and serving causes greater than one’s self-interest. Learn more about the NGL program here.