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Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking


WASHINGTON, DC (Sept. 30, 2020) – The McCain Institute for International Leadership is proud to become a member of The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST), a U.S.-based coalition that advocates for solutions to prevent and end all forms of human trafficking and modern slavery around the world.

According to ATEST and other major credible sources, such as the International Labor Organization, the scope of modern slavery and human trafficking has come into sharp focus in recent years as a one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, forcing an estimated 24.9 million men, women and children into situations of which they were coerced or deceived and cannot leave.

ATEST advocates for robust funding of anti-trafficking work – inclusive of both labor and sex trafficking, holistic legislation and programmatic implementation that includes a victim-centered policy approach, strong U.S. leadership in the global fight to confront human trafficking and modern slavery, and development of a stronger and inclusive anti-trafficking movement that builds collective voice and power.

“ATEST is thrilled that the McCain Institute is joining the alliance,” said ATEST Co-Chair Terry FitzPatrick. “The Institute’s leadership in recognizing the complex nature of human trafficking has helped to foster a spirit of collaboration in seeking and implementing solutions. We look forward to working with the Institute to advocate for holistic solutions to human trafficking.”

“The Alliance to End Trafficking and Slavery plays a vital role in advocating for long-lasting solutions to prevent and end all forms of human trafficking. We are honored to join this distinguished group and look forward to working collaboratively to create systemic change in the U.S. and around the world.” said Kristen Abrams, senior director of the McCain Institute’s Combatting Human Trafficking program. “ATEST membership aligns with our action-oriented, victim-centered approach, and we look forward to working as a part of this coalition to advocate for deliberate, actionable and strategic national efforts to combat human trafficking.”

About the Combatting Human Trafficking Program

Through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships and policy advocacy, the McCain Institute’s Combatting Human Trafficking program drives systemic change and implements comprehensive, action-based solutions to prevent and end all forms of modern slavery.

About the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University

Inspired by the character-driven leadership of Senator John McCain and his family’s legacy of public service, the McCain Institute implements programs and initiatives to make a difference in people’s lives across a range of critical areas: leadership development, human rights, rule of law, national security, counterterrorism and combatting human trafficking.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Institute is proudly part of ASU, the largest public university in America– ranked #1 in innovation for six years running.