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Andrea Reyes


Andrea Reyes is a Guatemalan young professional who has been working on serving others for almost 10 years. She graduated from international relation from Rafael Landivar University and currently studying law. She has always been interested in advocating on Human Rights and Social Justice, which is why she is involved in different kind of volunteering groups, political and social organizations and to constantly keep learning and preparing herself. She interned at the Organization of American States in the Inter-American commission on human rights at Washington DC and had participated in Open Government international forums in Costa Rica, Argentina and Dominican Republic. In 2022 she was a Scholar of the International Summer School on Social Market Economy in Germany. Andrea worked on government and was also assistant teacher on the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at he Rafael Landivar University. She is currently working for a project of USAID about creating a "Central American Peace Corps" model in Guatemala and Honduras. Andrea is the Executive Director to PERIOD Guatemala since 4 years ago. PERIOD Guatemala works on menstrual health and menstrual justice around the country through education, service, activism and investigation.