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Giorgi Akhmeteli

Giorgi Akhmeteli


Giorgi Akhmeteli, who is wheel-chaired due to a spinal trauma, is the founder and chairman of the Georgian NGO, Accessible Environment for Everyone, an organization that advocates the interests of persons with disabilities. He seeks to improve treatment, advance quality of life and opportunities for the disabled in Georgia. In the U.S., he examined relevant legislative, regulatory and implementation processes.

Akhmeteli was one of the three recipients of the 2017 McCain Institute Catalyst grant for his work as he educated Georgian citizens on the rights of persons with disabilities through a series of informational meetings and seminars in conjunction with five different universities across Georgia. He was able to impact 160 students, lecturers, parents and children, encouraging them to become supporters of policies defending these rights.

Placement Organization: National Organization for Disabilities

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