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Lejla Nuhanović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lejla Nuhanović is a journalist, translator, and video editor who has spent the last decade honing her skills at the Federal News Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her professional interests have revolved on the art of storytelling, with a special emphasis on global political and economic challenges. She has polished her ability to engage audiences and communicate difficult material in an accessible and captivating manner through her reporting, translation, and video editing talents. Lejla has showed a strong dedication to the ideas of individual independence and personal liberty throughout her career. She has successfully established and executed project plans as the project coordinator for various think tanks that share similar ideals, working together with partners and team members to promote the cause of freedom and prosperity. Her work in non-governmental organizations has always been inextricably linked to the liberty movement, demonstrating her unshakable commitment to the growth of democracy, individual rights, and free-market solutions. Her devotion drove her to found Rising Horizons, a think tank committed to the promotion of these ideals. Lejla's knowledge and zeal transcend beyond professional journalism and think tank work. She has also made important contributions to education as a tutor and instructor of English. Her expertise and passion for English language, literature, and culture have enhanced the lives of students from all over the world, fostering a lifelong love of study. Lejla likes enjoying her adventurous nature when she is not pursuing her career or educational goals. She enjoys searching out adrenaline-pumping events such as bungee jumping and skydiving. She is drawn to the peaceful beauty of poetry as well, seeking refuge in its beautiful lines and thoughtful insights.