Liisa Past
Liisa Past


Liisa Past (MA) is a Next Generation Leader at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at the Arizona State University and former Chief Research Officer at the Cyber Security Branch of the Estonian Information System Authority, where she designed, led and carried out analysis related to cyber security, including risk, threat and impact assessments. She has been a driving force behind the Estonian comprehensive risk assessment of elections and the Compendium on Cyber Security of Election Technology, published under the auspices of the Cooperation Group of the EU Network and Information Security Directive.

During her year as a Next Generation Leader she continues to work with government agencies and the election management bodies, focusing on operationalising cyber security of democratic processes. She will be working on developing practical tools for cyber security of elections, amongst other initiatives working on risk and cyber posture assessment methodologies, self assessment tools and vulnerability management.

Placement Organization: Cyr3Con at Arizona State University

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