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Ljubomir Filipović

Ljubomir Filipović


Ljubomir Filipović is an activist and publicist from Montenegro. He has served his community in a number of political and public positions including Deputy and Acting Mayor of Budva and Political Advisor to the Social-Democratic Party of Montenegro in the National Parliament. Filipović founded “Budva 2020,” a civic foundation that promotes transparent, sustainable, and socially-inclusive local development and that seeks to modernize public administration. He founded The Naiad Center, which is a Montenegrin think tank and knowledge center focused on the promotion of democracy, free trade, global dialogue, and peacebuilding. Through the education of young leaders in politics, business, civil society, and the media, Filipović seeks to advance an efficient and accountable political system and public administration in Montenegro through the establishment of a Western Balkans Leadership Initiative.

Filipović is a recipient of the COVID-19 In The Arena Grant. He will use this micro-grant to support Montenegro’s “Heroes from the Neighborhood” initiative, through which local community leaders self-organize to help those most affected by the public health and economic crisis. This includes delivering food and medicine for the elderly and the disabled and supporting those who have lost their source of income.

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