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Nikoloz Khatiashvili


Nikoloz Khatiashvili currently holds a position of the chief of staff of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. He is the International secretary at the leading think tank of Georgia “GEOCASE” as well. For more than 16 years, he has been working in public, as well as in private sectors, including 6 years in diplomatic service. Besides his government job, he is involved in academic life in several universities and is actively working on democracy issues, focusing on youth development, leadership and fighting Russian disinformation and propaganda in Georgia. He has been engaged in several international projects supported by IRI, NED, and GMF aimed to strengthen democracy in Eastern Partnership countries, support Ukraine and build peace and stability in wider Black Sea region. He has been actively meeting and discussing EU - NATO integration benefits, Russian disinformation and propaganda, democratic values and Russian threats with the representatives of youth, ethnical minorities and people living on the occupied territories of Georgia. He is the member of the Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network, the Board Member of the US Government Exchange Program Alumni Association of Georgia (EPAG) and the Presidium Member of the Association of Security Researchers of Georgia. He is the author of 18 articles and research papers and had participated in various international conferences and forums as a speaker.