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McCain Institute Statement on the Passing of Rep. John Lewis

It is hard to measure how profound a loss for our country Rep. John Lewis’ passing represents. He was a giant in the American story. He battled hatred and bigotry without ever losing his optimism or his belief in the “Beloved Community” that America could be. In short, he always marched toward the dawn.

“When you see something that is not right,” Lewis said, “ you must have the courage to stand up, speak up and find a way to get in the way.”.

“In America, we have always believed that if the day was a disappointment, we would win tomorrow,” John McCain wrote. “That’s what John Lewis believed when he marched across this bridge.”

We owe it to our country and to the memory of John Lewis to do just that…to keep believing in and keep marching for a more just America.

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Publish Date
July 18, 2020