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Evelyn Farkas Discusses Ukraine’s Battlefield Momentum with PBS Newshour and BBC Newsnight

McCain Institute Executive Director Evelyn Farkas recently spoke with news outlets on both sides of the Atlantic about the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive against the invading Russian forces. This comes as the Ukrainian Armed Forces have made several strategic gains in Eastern Ukraine, including this weekend’s liberation of Kherson.

“Ukraine is winning and our objective is to have Ukraine win, defeating Russia in Ukraine militarily so that Russia doesn’t then turn to Georgia, to Moldova, and then to NATO countries,” said Evelyn Farkas to Nick Schifirin on Thursday’s episode of PBS Newshour. “Let’s remember that time and time again Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear power, and has talked about red lines, and every time we or the Ukrainians cross those lines he backs down.”

Watch clips from both interviews below:

PBS Newshour: Ukrainian forces cautiously advance into Kherson, fearing a trap as Russian troops retreat

BBC Newsnight: Evelyn Farkas Discusses Possible Ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia

Publish Date
November 14, 2022