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McCain Institutes Interview with Natalia Arno

One week to the day after the illegitimate K.G.B. “thug” in charge of the Kremlin murdered Alexei Navalny, and one day before the lugubrious marking of the second anniversary of the second full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our Assistant Director, Pedro Pizano, sat down with our friend and Russian hero herself, Natalia Arno, who serves as President of the Free Russia Foundation.

They discussed the dream of a beautiful and free Russia that may have died with Navalny’s murder but is reborn, and now can never die, with his legend; for whom the bell tolls and why that book by Ernest Hemingway and the John Donne passage was one of Senator McCain’s favorites (it tolls for thee); our friend Vladimir Kara-Murza who is being held hostage by the Putin regime for basically saying that Russia invaded Ukraine in four different speeches, and Vaclav Havel’s words about living in truth.

Publish Date
March 4, 2024