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Ajmal Aziz headshot photo

Ajmal Aziz

Ajmal Aziz is a Program Manager at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) where he currently manages the Public Safety and Violence Prevention Program.  This research portfolio will enable policy makers and operational end-users to make informed decisions to divert vulnerable individuals, prevent potential offenders, mitigate vulnerabilities, and enhance community resilience in the face of various social and behavioral threats.  Mr. Aziz’s research programs are focused on three distinct topic areas: targeted violence and terrorism prevention, soft target security, and community resilience.  Mr. Aziz has broad experience in in developing policy recommendations and analyzing homeland security and defense programs that are tailored for national and international stakeholders.  He has demonstrated extensive experience in engaging DHS, interagency and international stakeholders to improve RDT&E cooperation on homeland security matters while developing relationships to advance the current state of research in an effort to impact the formulation and implementation of national security policy.