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Jordan Reimer headshot photo

Jordan Reimer

Jordan Reimer is the Senior Manager for North America at the Strong Cities Network, responsible for managing prevention programming in the United States and Canada, and assisting in the development of local prevention frameworks and the provision of capacity-building efforts. Prior to joining the Strong Cities Management Unit, Jordan was the ISD Senior Manager for Threat Prevention, where he managed projects related to targeted violence detection and built relationships with relevant stakeholders to share information on salient threats. He has also served as a policy analyst at RAND, focusing on targeted violence prevention and countering disinformation; an intelligence analyst for the NYPD, specializing in counter-terrorism investigations related to the Syrian civil war and the foreign fighter threat; and a Middle East policymaker at the US State Department and Department of Defense. He is a recipient of Princeton’s Scholars in the Nation’s Service Initiative fellowship and has a Master’s in Public Affairs (International Relations) from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.