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The Sedona Forum 2013

Dinner Discussion: Advancing Freedom – Human Dimension

Senator John McCain
The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Vice President of the United States

America’s Role: What Should America Do Differently?

Senator (ret.) Jon Kyl
Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Kelly Ayotte
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

  • The Honorable Paul Wolfowitz
Democracy’s Challenges – Libya and the Future of the Broader Middle East

Mahmoud Gebril, former Prime Minister of Libya
Senator (ret.) Joseph I. Lieberman
Alaa Murabit, Founder, Voices of Libyan Women
General (ret.) Jack Keane

  • David Kramer, Freedom House
Democracy’s Challenges – Europe Less Free?

Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia
Gjorge Ivanov, President of Macedonia
Mikhail Kasyanov, former Prime Minister of Russia
Andrei Sannikov, former Presidential candidate, Belarus
Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, Canada

  • Damon Wilson, Atlantic Council
Humanitarian Action – Lifeline to Democracy

Dikembe Mutombo, retired NBA star and humanitarian leader

  • Josette Sheeran, World Economic Forum; Trustee, McCain Institute
Economics and the Private Sector Role in Democracy

Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE
Bill Simon, CEO, Wal-Mart-USA

  • Senator John McCain
Best Practices and Recommendations – Developing an Action Plan for 2013 and Beyond
  • Kurt Volker, McCain Institute, ASU