Project: Training Uber Drivers on the Signs of Human Trafficking
Partners: Uber, ECPAT and NCMEC  

Uber drivers come into contact with many different people every day. Their unique perspective presents drivers with the opportunity to play a key role in stopping situations of human trafficking if they can recognize the signs.

From drivers to frontline responders

The McCain Institute, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) and the National Center for 

Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), have all collaborated with Uber to create resources and training tools to educate drivers in the Desert Region and nationwide on human trafficking. Specifically, resources outlined what human trafficking is, indicators on how to spot it and what drivers should do when they suspect someone is being trafficked. The training was so successful that it led Uber to sign with the ECPAT’s Code of Conduct, which is an industry-driven initiative that works to ensure that children are not victims of sexual exploitation in travel or tourism.

Drivers saving lives

This training has led to the heroic story of an Uber driver who recognized that a young girl, who was a passenger in his car, was a victim of trafficking. He spoke up and was able to intervene and help the victim. Learn more here.

The McCain Institute and Uber continue to partner on the importance of training drivers in order to help raise more awareness and work to prevent situations of human trafficking.