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Virginia Foote

Senior Advisor, East Asia and Pacific, ASG

Virginia B. Foote is a Senior Advisor with ASG’s East Asia and Pacific practice, where she advises clients on investment strategies and stakeholder engagement in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia.

For over thirty years, Ms. Foote has worked with businesses and trade associations in Vietnam to help the private sector strengthen trade and investment across the region.

Previously, Ms. Foote served as President and Partner of Vietnam Partners LLC, providing investment banking and advisory services. Earlier, Ms. Foote served as Executive Vice President of the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council for three years. Ms. Foote also serves as Board President of the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council (USVTC), which she co-founded with former Ambassador William H. Sullivan in 1989.  She remains Chair of the International Center, with humanitarian war legacy projects in Vietnam.

Ms. Foote has played a leading role in U.S.-Vietnam normalization, the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement, Vietnam's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, and bilateral trade, investment, and economic relations overall.

Ms. Foote is Co-Chair of the Vietnam Business Forum for 2019 and was also Co-Chair 2014-2016. She has served as Chair for the U.S. Business Coalition for APEC in 2006, Chair of the U.S.-Vietnam WTO Coalition, and Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

She received the U.S. Ambassador's Award for Citizen Diplomacy in 1999, the Vietnam President’s Medal of Friendship in 2007, and the Vietnam President’s Friendship Order Medal in 2016.

She is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.