• Add the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline number to your cell phone to learn more or report a tip: call 1-888-373-7888 or text BEFREE (233733)
  • Download the TraffickCam app to your phone and add images of hotel rooms you stay in to the database to aid in victim recovery
  • Join the McCain Institute’s Student Alliance Against Trafficking
  • The goal of sextraffickinghelp.com, created by ASU STIR, is connecting those who have been trafficked, and those who care for them, to resources in Arizona. Visit their website here.
  • Donate to the McCain Institute or another organization involved in the fight to end human trafficking

Resources for Nurses:

Emerging Global Health Issues: A Nurse’s Role

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

Global health issues (GHIs) require global cooperation in response, planning, prevention, preparedness, and care that reflects health equity issues among nations. These issues require complex interprofessional and interagency cooperation and solutions that involve governments, non-profits, and many times include private companies and foundations. More than ever, the response to GHIs requires a broader understanding of how connected we are in today’s world. This article considers response to issues of emerging infectious diseases, human trafficking, maternal-newborn health; preparedness for health inequities within a framework of social justice, equity; and mal-distribution of health workers globally. We define and describe emerging global health issues from a nursing perspective and offer a call to action for nurses to increase awareness as global leaders.

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Human Trafficking — An Introduction to What Texas Nurses Need to Know 

Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin

Human trafficking is a global public health and human rights issue that violates the inherent human dignity of each victim. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution to the United States forbids slavery and involuntary servitude; this includes human trafficking.

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