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Guidance for Police: Responding to and Investigating Cases of Human Trafficking

Law enforcement should identify and investigate the complex and evolving crime of human trafficking in a way that is responsive to the needs of both the victims and the prosecution.

In order to assist investigations of human trafficking, the Global Consortium on Prosecuting Human Trafficking created this manual to provide guidance to law enforcement on conducting investigations in a victim-centered, trauma-informed way that is responsive to the needs of both the victim and the prosecution. Written by expert human trafficking prosecutors and international advisors, the manual provides proactive strategies on identifying victims and perpetrators, collecting evidence, interviewing victims, and more.

As part of an initial pilot phase, the manual was distributed to a handful of investigators located around the world. Surveys showed that 95% of these investigators indicated they were likely or very likely to use this information in their work.

The manual is available for download in both English and Spanish.