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Training and Technical Assistance

Offered nationwide, our virtual and in-person trainings provide participants the opportunity to connect with and learn from subject-matter experts in the field to best identify and respond to trafficking in all its forms. Since 2017, the Combatting Human Trafficking program has provided over 16,000 individuals with the knowledge they need to take action and be part of the solution.

The McCain Institute delivers dozens of tailored scenario-based trainings to groups of law enforcement, prosecutors, frontline workers, veterans, social service providers and others each year.

Our virtual series Safeguarding Arizona Youth focuses on education and prevention of exploitation in our communities. Each webinar equips parents and professionals in youth-serving organizations such as school communities and after-school programs, youth empowerment and prevention organizations, among others; to identify vulnerabilities, as well as connect them to organizations and individuals throughout Arizona dedicated to combatting human trafficking.