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Ana Natsvlishvili


Ana Natsvlishvili is a human rights and democracy defender from Georgia with over 15 years of experience in protecting and promoting human rights and democratic reforms in Georgia. She has an excellent academic background in international human rights law, solid experience in monitoring and advocating for judicial and law-enforcement reforms, gender equality and human rights in post-conflict and transitional contexts. Ana has a proven record of managing multi-year, multi-component national and regional projects, involving human rights research, monitoring, advocacy, litigation, etc. She served as an elected chair of the largest and oldest human rights organizations in her country - Georgian Young Lawyers' Association and a chair of the largest coalition of NGOs monitoring and advocating for judicial reforms. Ana also served as a Chief Legal Advisor and Representative to the Parliament for the fourth President of Georgia. In 2019, Ana co-founded a political organization, Lelo for Georgia, and she serves as a member of the Political Council of this organization currently. Since 2020, she has been a member of the Parliament of Georgia.